Keynote speakers

Bliss Browne
Keynote: Imagination, Communication and Collaboration - Frameworks for Inspiring Change.

24. juni 2016 kl. 10.15-10.45:

Relationships thrive when communication is constructive, relevant and engaging. How do we build such communication and engagement when working across well established differences in language, experience, culture, age, perception and role? How can groups work together to identify common issues in a way which inspires commitment? What unlocks imagination, motivation and innovation? What works to align individual and collective goals?
In this keynote, Bliss Browne, Founder and President of Imagine Chicago ( which has inspired a global movement of social innovation, will share key frameworks, stories and best practices distilled from 25 years of her organizational and communitywork on six continents. 
Annette Munch
Workshop: Collaborative action-learning – facilitating relationel learning

24. juni kl. 11-12: 

This workshop will introduce the didactic experiment of changing the mind of teaching - to the mind of facilitating learning processes both within the participatory context of the classroom environment as well as the colleagues and employees of the students/manager and leaders

This mind of change challenges the identities of both the teacher and the student AND the construction of the physical environment in the classroom. The teacher must challenge the approach of involving the students practice and relating to the texts and theories which call upon the well prepared unpreparedness.

Second the teacher must give up the monopoly of being the knowing or clever one – and invite the students to share their knowledge and acknowledge their reflections on their practice as the core wisdom of learning.

The students challenge the approach of co-creating learning processes with the other students with the teacher as leading facilitator which depends on being oriented in the texts of the day (reading) and relating to own practice (creating meaning) by  languageing their practical insights – relating to texts and theory.

Second the students must give up the idea of learning by listening to the teacher and take insecurity by the hand when co-creating relational leading in practice

The context of this workshop is an adult learning program (diplomalevel (BA)) of Relational Leading (2½yrs). The specific module of Leading with Social Capital. The physical and technological challenges will not be addressed this time – although this contains several challenges.   
Annette Munch is lektor at Inst. of Leadership and management,
Metropolitan University Copenhagen DK
Institut for Relationspsykologi | Roskilde - Aarhus - Skive  | Tlf.: 97 52 00 95 |